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   Welcome to welinkbusiness. We have created this online project to support the promotion and strengthening of business links between Western and Eastern Europe,
as well as on the relation Europe - Asia.

   We are convinced that Romania, through its geographical position, the European Union membership status and its traditional links with the Eastern European and Asian countries, can and should have an important role, acting as a turntable in developing economic cooperation and integration of EU markets with those of countries from South-Eastern Europe, the Black Sea region and Central Asia.

   We do believe that the orientation of Romanian and Western European businessmen towards establishing and diversifying trade relationships with partners from Moldova, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Central Asian Republics and China represents a highly effective way to overcome together the current economic situation and find the most appropriate responses to the challenges and issues facing the global business world in the recent years.

   We aim to provide you with information from bilateral chambers of commerce, employers' associations, representative bodies of the business communities in Romania and neighboring countries, with perspectives offered by international economic cooperation specialists and with actual business opportunities announcements issued by foreign companies from various industries. Read them in the News section.

   Should you have a business proposal for partners from other countries, we can PROMOTE it for FREE within our online project. We look forward to receive all such proposals, your suggestions concerning our site content and any topics of further interest for you, at the coordinates on our Contact page.

Business China:

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